斉田佳子 Yoshiko Saita



卒業後、帰国し、スタジオミュージシャンとしてテレビ歌番組のバックコーラス、Disney Video、CMソング、ドラマ挿入歌のソロヴォーカル他、コーラスアレンジング、英語作詩を手掛け、同時にジャズシンガーとしてライブ活動を始動。

2000年 宮川泰ビッグバンドでハワイ公演に出演。”ザ・ココナッツ”として宮川泰作曲”ザ・ピーナッツ”の楽曲を歌う。
2009年 櫻井弘二率いるオーケストラと台湾国立音楽堂コンサートにゲスト出演。
2008~2010年 Music BirdコミュニティーFM”Smooth Jazz Paradise”のパーソナリティーを務める。

ライブやイベント活動の傍ら、リーダーアルバム4枚リリース。教則本”今日から貴女もJAZZ SINGER”をリットーミュージックより出版。


2017年9月には東京自由が丘にて”Vocal School DADA”を開校。

Yoshiko Saita

Yoshiko is a jazz singer who lives in Tokyo, Japan
Born in Yokohama, moved to Kobe when she was six months old.
She started playing the Hammond Organ at the age of six, and by eight, she was singing for the famous pianists, Makoto and Minoru Ozone dinner show’s opening act.

At sixteen she moved to Massachusetts, in the U.S., as an exchange student where she played the piano in her high school jazz ensemble. She then majored in piano at Berklee College Of Music and after 2 years, changed her major to vocal.
After she graduated Berklee College, she returned to Tokyo and started singing on the Tokyo jazz circuit. She also did studio work, singing and writing lyrics for TV show sound tracks, commercials and sometimes arranging back up vocals.

In year of 2000,Yoshiko performed with famous Japanese pop music composer,
Hiroshi Miyagawa Big Band at NBC hall in Honolulu and performed at Taipei National Concert Hall with Orchestra produced by Koji Sakurai in 2010,
In 2008~2010,She worked as a personality for Community-FM radio show”Smooth Jazz Paradise”

Through the years, she often listened to Toots Thielemans' albums and seeing his concerts was always a great joy for her. She dreamed that someday in the future she could play with Toots.
In 2012, her biggest dream came true.
She flew to New York and Brussels to record with Toots Thielemans, Kenny Werner, Oscar Castro-Neves, etc . which is her 4th album “BLUESETTE”. She also joined for other musicians albums and published one jazz song book.

On September 2017, Yoshiko established her school “Vocal School DADA” in Jiyugaoka,Tokyo,also teaches jazz vocal at Ferris University and Showa University of Music.

1999.12 - Debut album "This Side of Paradise" (Flat Fish Record)
2005.12 - 2nd album "Love's the Greatest Mystery" (What's New Records)
2007.8 - 3rd album "Bon Voyage" (What's New Records)
2013.4 - 4th album "BLUESETTE ~ Homage to Toots Thielemans ~" (D-musica)
Member: Kenny Werner (piano), Oscar Castro-Neves (guitar)
Daniel Foose (bass), John Riley (drums)
David Schroeder (alto sax,sop sax,bass flute,alto flute)
with Special Guest Toots Thielemans on harmonica.
Recorded in New York and Brussels